Version 4.1.537.0 (Released April 27, 2024)

  • Improvement - Performance improvements for filtering and other core functions.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect default from address logic for email integration.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect PDF export basic permissions column colorization issue.
  • Bug fix - Various minor user interface fixes and improvements.

Version 4.1.535.0 (Released March 5, 2024)

  • Bug fix - Fixed inconsistent project folder ordering regression.

Version 4.1.529.0 (Released March 4, 2024)

  • Improvement - Added the ability to control the order of project folders.
  • Improvement - Permissions folder tree nodes now use lexicographical sorting.
  • Improvement - Main window vertical splitter position is now restored between uses.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible error message during PDF export operations.

Version 4.1.527.0 (Released February 6, 2024)

  • Bug fix - Fixed rare argument out of range error.

Version 4.1.527.0 (Released February 6, 2024)

  • Improvement - Various UI fixes and improvements.
  • Improvement - Added support for advanced wildcard pattern matching in filter conditions.
  • Improvement - Excel export summary worksheet now includes a simple table of contents.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with group membership exports in certain filtering scenarios.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with Modify permissions text appearing twice in some cases.
  • Bug fix - Resolved popup dialog window ownership regression.

Version 4.1.522.0 (Released January 23, 2024)

  • Improvement - Performance and resource usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Improved dialog system styles and positioning logic.
  • Improvement - File permissions child grids now have a (scrollable) max height.
  • Bug fix - Fixed a small number of incorrect dark mode icons.

Version 4.1.517.0 (Released January 3, 2024)

  • Improvement - Improved XML permissions data import performance.
  • Improvement - Improved memory consumption for XML permissions data import.
  • Improvement - Improved performance and memory usage for string-based filter conditions.
  • Improvement - Minor UI layout improvements.
  • Bug fix - Minor fixes to string-based filter inputs.
  • Bug fix - Minor installer fixes and improvements.

Version 4.1.512.0 (Released December 7, 2023)

  • Improvement - Improvements to the appearance of dark themes.
  • Improvement - Performance and memory usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Expanded information on available export options.
  • Bug fix - Fixed bug with project change detection.

Version 4.1.509.0 (Released November 27, 2023)

  • Improvement - Performance and resource usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Improved user interface layout to make better use of space.
  • Improvement - Correctness and performance updates for multiple internal libraries.
  • Improvement - End User License Agreement is now visible in product about box.
  • Bug fix - Resolved invalid index error when using specific project filtering options.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible 'rowIndex' error when exporting large data sets to Excel.
  • Bug fix - Removing a root folder tree node from the report would remove other roots as well.

Version 4.0.504.0 (Released September 14, 2023)

  • Improvement - Changes to dark themes for improved readability.
  • Improvement - Fix for window frame not rounding when appropriate.
  • Improvement - Updates for internal AD resolver libraries.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect serialization when project file contained specific filter constraints.

Version 4.0.492.0 (Released August 18, 2023)

  • Improvement - Window frame rendering improvements.
  • Improvement - Other user interface optimizations and fixes.
  • Bug fix - Data export configuration could not be exported or re-imported.

Version 4.0.488.0 (Released July 24, 2023)

  • Improvement - Improved memory scalability when using scan-time filters.
  • Improvement - Various user interface fixes and improvements.
  • Improvement - Various memory allocation and performance improvemecnts.
  • Improvement - Security improvements.

Version 4.0.484.0 (Released April 14, 2023)

  • Improvement - Improved account resolver behavior for historical (migrated) security identifiers.
  • Improvement - Improved group member expansion exception handling.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with group membership nesting during data export.
  • Bug fix - Installer was not working as expected on Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare "the worksheet must have at least one row" error when exporting to Excel.

Version 4.0.478.0 (Released March 3, 2023)

  • Improvement - Project filter can now independently load and save filter definitions.
  • Improvement - Minor performance and memory usage optimizations.
  • Improvement - Installer improvements and fixes.
  • Bug fix - Fixed bug related to filtering by well known sids.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.0.476.0 (Released February 10, 2023)

  • Bug fix - Fixed installer issue causing failed Excel data exports.

Version 4.0.475.0 (Released February 9, 2023)

  • Improvement - Reduced minimum size requirements of main window to support lower resolutions.
  • Improvement - Startup welcome message area will now become scrollable if needed.

Version 4.0.474.0 (Released February 7, 2023)

  • Bug fix - Adding a new project folder may produce duplicate path entries.

Version 4.0.473.0 (Released February 6, 2023)

  • Improvement - Excel exports are now written incrementally (directly to file) to limit memory usage.
  • Improvement - Excel exports now overflow folder and file permissions into new worksheets when max row counts are exceeded.
  • Improvement - The performance of Excel exports has improved substantially.
  • Improvement - HTML exports now produce smaller file sizes when using the collapsible folder tree option.
  • Improvement - Added data export option that controls the exclusion of empty groups.
  • Improvement - Added ability to use semicolon (instead of comma) to separate CSV fields during exports.
  • Improvement - Various memory allocation and resource usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Updates to export window option presentation and selection state.
  • Improvement - Data exported as CSV now includes a UTF-8 byte order marker.
  • Improvement - Added an Active Directory property viewer to account detail view.
  • Improvement - Users can now remove folder nodes from the report via tree view context menu action.
  • Improvement - Improved analysis performance for most project configurations.
  • Improvement - Improved hierchical subfolder layout to facilitate visual comparisons.
  • Improvement - Improved consistency of inheritance indicators in grid and detail views.
  • Improvement - Improved icons used to represent access level and inheritance.
  • Improvement - Expanded group members now indicate whether they are direct or nested members.
  • Improvement - Added inheritance indicator to file differential permissions listing.
  • Improvement - File owner treemap view now uses selected theme colors.
  • Improvement - Numerous window layout improvements across all features.
  • Improvement - Added quick filter that shows only enabled accounts in permissions and group members.
  • Improvement - Added quick filter that shows only permissions granting full control to everyone.
  • Improvement - Added quick filter that excludes well-known security identifiers.
  • Improvement - SID exclusions via the permissions node context menu now also target group members.
  • Improvement - Local and mapped network drives can now be added to new project folder list by default.
  • Improvement - There are no longer any known limits on filter rule nesting.
  • Improvement - Post-scan filter editor can now remain on screen and be used iteratively.
  • Improvement - Post-scan filter editor window position and size is now retained between uses.
  • Improvement - Project and post-scan filters are now tracked (and presented) separately.
  • Improvement - Post-scan filter configuration is now persisted between program runs.
  • Improvement - Improved logging for various project execution scenarios.
  • Improvement - Project folder paths now support environment variable expansion.
  • Improvement - Added environment variable selector tool to folder paths window.
  • Improvement - Added encryption for HTTP proxy server password in global settings.
  • Improvement - Improved adaptation to font size selection in numerous areas of the UI.
  • Improvement - Permission tree node context menu filter actions now target the post-scan filter.
  • Improvement - Users can now toggle visibility of the file and share permissions summary footer panels.
  • Improvement - Improved presentation of path history drop-down controls when they are empty.
  • Improvement - Improved error handling and exception reporting during report comparisons.
  • Improvement - Added support for specifying start path when triggering comparisons from the command line.
  • Improvement - File owners report is now enabled by default for new projects.
  • Improvement - The number of permissions hidden by the current post-scan filter is now shown.
  • Bug fix - Data import feature was not properly resetting filter state.
  • Bug fix - Canceling share discovery when adding a project folder no longer shows an error message.
  • Bug fix - Post-scan filter configurations targeting group members weren't clearing correctly.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with post-scan filter window not refreshing after loading stored filter.
  • Bug fix - Fixed subfolder count in folder detail view not updating consistently.
  • Bug fix - Initiating a new project from main menu would bypass the unsaved project changes check.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with well-known local security identifiers potentially being resolved to a domain.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue that prevented principals from being included in multiple groups during expansion.
  • Bug fix - Some column chooser menu icons were not correctly adapting to dark themes.

Version 3.8.447.0 (Released October 21, 2022)

  • Improvement - Improved performance for Excel, Html, and Pdf data exports.
  • Improvement - Various memory allocation and resource usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Group member data export now honors project filter configuration.
  • Improvement - Various installer feature and compatibilty improvements.
  • Bug fix - Empty file system object names are now ignored during scans.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect default setting for exporting nested groups.
  • Bug fix - Minor user interface fixes and improvements.

Version 3.8.437.0 (Released July 20, 2022)

  • Improvement - Added new dark green application theme option.
  • Improvement - Complete overhaul of dark mode icons for better contrast.
  • Improvement - Improved presentation of update availability notification.
  • Improvement - Added an option for group membership expansion during export.
  • Improvement - Updated internal .NET runtime to latest version.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to remove the current license key (reverting to free edition).
  • Improvement - Added Office365 (SMTP) integration preset to global email options.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to clear the share discovery listing when adding project folders.
  • Improvement - Improved messaging when running a project with no active folder paths defined.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible shutdown exception when analysis still running.
  • Bug fix - Fixed Windows credential dialog labels not visible when using dark theme.
  • Bug fix - Event viewer detail pane was not using user-selected font size.

Version 3.7.433.0 (Released May 10, 2022)

  • Bug fix - Fixed missing inheritance icons in some locations.
  • Bug fix - Moved license attribution information to the "about" dialog.

Version 3.7.431.0 (Released April 13, 2022)

  • Improvement - Added the ability to choose parental permissions match attributes when filtering.
  • Improvement - Domain principal account detail resolution can fall back to a global catalog query.
  • Improvement - Improved focus behavior when navigating user interface elements with keyboard.
  • Improvement - Folder detail permissions list now always shown, regardless of filter match state.
  • Improvement - Added group member counts to PDF and HTML export group member tables.
  • Improvement - Group member tables in PDF, HTML, and Excel formats now include nested groups.
  • Improvement - Minor improvements and fixes for theme colors.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare directory not found exception error associated with the display of task dialogs.
  • Bug fix - Excel data export first row is now frozen when no other rows are present.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare invalid operation exception when closing main window.
  • Bug fix - Fixed failure to report errors when exporting permissions data to Excel.
  • Bug fix - Resizing a detail view column could trigger a NullReferenceException.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect table of content anchors in HTML export documents.
  • Bug fix - Folder detail permissions list wasn't using icon to show inheritance.

Version 3.6.425.0 (Released January 1, 2022)

  • Improvement - Improvements to unexpected exception handling subsystem.
  • Improvement - Application-managed windows now use themed title bars.
  • Improvement - Updated file owner treemap view colors for improved contrast.
  • Improvement - Additional improvements to themes and layout systems.
  • Improvement - Start with a dark theme (first launch only) if OS is using dark mode.

Version 3.6.420.0 (Released December 6, 2021)

  • Improvement - Errors no longer logged for unrecognized reparse point types in exclusionary logic.
  • Improvement - Improved consistency of inheritance state representation.
  • Improvement - Improved presentation of subfolder detail report header blocks.
  • Bug fix - Fixed missing expander button for file permissions differential records.
  • Bug fix - Fixed instance of empty inheritance column in file report.

Version 3.6.417.0 (Released December 2, 2021)

  • Improvement - Added two new dark themes (blue and red variations).
  • Improvement - Added support for removing checked or highlighted project folders within project settings.
  • Improvement - Improved project settings configuration interface.
  • Improvement - Task dialogs have been updated to support latest themes and improve readability.
  • Improvement - Global options affecting presentation are now applied immediately.
  • Improvement - Improved performance of zip compression for email attachments.
  • Improvement - Expanded support for Windows Server 2012 (R2 no longer required).
  • Improvement - Added cancelation support to share discovery.
  • Improvement - Performance and memory optimizations.
  • Improvement - Additional user interface and theme coverage improvements.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare "cannot set owner property to a window that has been closed" error message.
  • Bug fix - Fixed main window intro text not honoring user font size selection.

Version 3.5.403.0 (Released October 19, 2021)

  • Improvement - Application title bar is now themed.
  • Improvement - Reduced intensity of main window filter drop-down button background.
  • Bug fix - Minor fixes for task scheduling subsystem.

Version 3.5.401.0 (Released October 11, 2021)

  • Bug fix - Fixed global settings persistence regression.

Version 3.5.400.0 (Released October 10, 2021)

  • Improvement - Added formal support for Windows 11.
  • Improvement - Added formal support for Windows Server 2022.
  • Improvement - Various user interface updates and fixes.
  • Improvement - Improved error handling and reporting.
  • Improvement - Added NOT variations to path exclusion match type options.
  • Bug fix - Fixed license limitation message issues in project settings window.
  • Bug fix - Fix for rare dependency failure related to internal brushes.
  • Bug fix - Corrected command line syntax errors in help file.

Version 3.4.394.0 (Released July 24, 2021)

  • Improvement - Updated code signing certificate.
  • Improvement - Improved contrast and readability of toolbar filter drop-down.
  • Improvement - Added file purge support to the scheduler and command line interfaces.
  • Improvement - Various help file updates and additions.
  • Improvement - Extended context menu clickable area for tree view nodes.
  • Improvement - Other minor UI improvements and fixes.

Version 3.3.390.0 (Released May 4, 2021)

  • Improvement - Added "Gray & Orange" and "Sea Green" color themes.
  • Improvement - Improved installer file size and added missing assembly signatures.
  • Improvement - Minor improvements to input control themes, icon resolutions, and more.
  • Bug fix - Fixed potential error code 67 when using network authentication feature.
  • Bug fix - Fixed project configuration window text clipping when using largest available font size.

Version 3.3.385.0 (Released April 24, 2021)

  • Improvement - Minor performance optimizations.
  • Bug fix - Minor data binding optimizations and fixes.

Version 3.3.383.0 (Released February 26, 2021)

  • Bug fix - Fixed bug that could cause an error when adding filter conditions.
  • Bug fix - Fixed potential fault on export of permissions data to Excel format.

Version 3.3.382.0 (Released February 26, 2021)

  • Improvement - Minor user interface enhancements and fixes.
  • Improvement - Performance improvements and minor bug fixes for Excel export functionality.
  • Improvement - Improved error messaging for invalid project file loading operations.
  • Improvement - Streamlined principal resolver logic to improve performance in specific scenarios.
  • Improvement - Minor improvements and fixes to product installer.
  • Bug fix - Navigating back from the final step of the comparison wizard now cancels work in progress.
  • Bug fix - Fixed potential crash from rare unhandled folder browser exception condition.
  • Bug fix - File and share permissions report status links were navigating to the wrong settings area.
  • Bug fix - File owners report was missing node images.

Version 3.2.377.0 (Released January 8, 2021)

  • Improvement - Minor performance and memory usage improvements.
  • Bug fix - Passing license key into installer was not working as expected.
  • Bug fix - Excel export group member counter was always showing zero.
  • Bug fix - Various minor user interface bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 3.2.364.0 (Released September 29, 2020)

  • Improvement - Added a switch that provides control over how excluded folders are represented in report results.
  • Improvement - Added colorization to exported folder nodes with an incomplete (canceled, excluded, etc.) scan state.
  • Improvement - HTML header and footer templates are now backed up prior to being overwritten by installer.
  • Improvement - Increased details available when error messages are shown (in a wide range of cases).
  • Bug fix - Depth exclusion project setting could no longer be set to value of zero.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with license activation during installation.
  • Bug fix - Minor user interface fixes.

Version 3.2.338.0 (Released September 9, 2020)

  • Improvement - Various performance and memory optimizations across data export procedures.
  • Improvement - Improved default reparse point traversal and processing behaviors.
  • Improvement - Added column chooser buttons and state persistence to main window folder view grids.
  • Improvement - Added inherited column to folder view permissions listing (hidden by default, see above).
  • Improvement - HTML export tree layout updated for improved performance, size, and compatibility.
  • Improvement - HTML export tree updated with resolution-independent vector images that match the main UI.
  • Improvement - HTML export tree now shows proper excluded node state image.
  • Improvement - Updates to product help file contents and presentation.
  • Bug fix - Specific data export options were not working as intended.
  • Bug fix - Fixed scan-time cancellation delay associated with group member extraction.

Version 3.1.334.0 (Released September 3, 2020)

  • Improvement - Minor user interface enhancements.
  • Bug fix - The project folder share discovery tool was not displaying results.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with permission comparison tree nodes not sorting correctly.
  • Bug fix - Data imports were handling state incorrectly in report comparison scenarios.
  • Bug fix - Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.1.331.0 (Released August 21, 2020)

  • Improvement - Various performance optimizations.
  • Improvement - New icon designs with improved resolution scaling throughout.
  • Improvement - Improvements to product themes to enhance user color selection.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issues with project filter(s) not being applied consistently.
  • Bug fix - Resolved problem with account type filter criteria not producing correct comparison result.

Version 3.0.323.0 (Released August 11, 2020)

  • Improvement - Minor user interface enhancements and corrections.
  • Improvement - Improved automatic column sizing logic for PDF exports.
  • Improvement - Additional improvements to post-export file open prompt.
  • Bug fix - Cancelling project execution no longer circumvents finalization of project filters.
  • Bug fix - Folder depth exclusion events were not logging correctly in some cases.
  • Bug fix - Folders excluded by depth were not finalized to the correct visual state.
  • Bug fix - Main window toolbar save button could incorrectly become disabled in certain circumstances.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with owners report data potentially being truncated in PDF exports.

Version 3.0.318.0 (Released July 21, 2020)

  • Improvement - Added export configuration option that allows toggling of post-export file open prompt.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible crash related to Windows-1252 encoding failure.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare possible NullReferenceException error related to mouse positioning (UI component bug).

Version 3.0.313.0 (Released July 2, 2020)

  • Improvement - Improved fault handling and error logging for group membership expansion operations.
  • Bug fix - Fixed licensing error when trying to export permissions report comparison data in Excel file format.
  • Bug fix - Various minor product installer fixes and improvements.
  • Bug fix - Minor fixes for crash reporting subsystem.

Version 3.0.310.0 (Released June 17, 2020)

  • Improvement - Default max log entries increased from 9,999 to 99,999.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with certain scan-time error conditions incorrectly affecting the project workload.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with scheduled tasks resolving to the wrong product executable path.

Version 3.0.301.0 (Released May 25, 2020)

  • Bug fix - Fixed regression that could trigger crash during UI command input.

Version 3.0.300.0 (Released May 24, 2020)

  • Improvement - Folder treeview now supports keyboard text search navigation.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with sorting when importing permissions data.
  • Bug fix - Report data finalization was not compacting memory as intended.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes and user interface enhancements.

Version (Released May 11, 2020)

  • Change - Minimum OS requirements are now 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Change - Support for 32-bit Windows operating systems has been discontinued.
  • Improvement - Re-designed threading model for significant performance improvements.
  • Improvement - Added support for exporting report contents in PDF file format.
  • Improvement - Human readable export formats (html, pdf, excel) have improved default sorting.
  • Improvement - Permissions report export operations now support column selection for owner and share data.
  • Improvement - HTML data exports now merge user-editable header and footer templates (replaces existing CSS template).
  • Improvement - Permissions table and file report grid views now provide data paging capabilities.
  • Improvement - Project path entries can now be double-clicked for editing purposes.
  • Improvement - Added command line support for the permissions comparison tool.
  • Improvement - Final step of report comparison tool now has a back button, allowing for iterative use.
  • Improvement - Permissions report comparison tool now offers CSV data export option (in addition to existing Excel format).
  • Improvement - Permissions comparison result report now has option to wrap the contents of the description column.
  • Improvement - Folders excluded by project exclusion settings now appear in the folder tree with a disabled icon.
  • Improvement - Process privilege adjustment failures are now added to the project execution log (as a warning).
  • Improvement - Improved behavior of pipe-delimited filter string matching in exclusionary contexts.
  • Improvement - Filter behavior for matching parent permissions can now be exact or inclusive, increasing flexibility.
  • Improvement - Now using FIPS compliant AES encryption for storage of sensitive data.
  • Improvement - Double-clicking owners report tree nodes now expands them (when applicable).
  • Improvement - Folder node scan state is now stored as part of XML export and reflected upon re-import.
  • Improvement - Various memory usage optimizations for both scanning and user interaction.
  • Improvement - HTML export table of contents now appears only when needed (when multiple report sections are present).
  • Improvement - Updated main window menu bar to include some missing product functions (filtering, etc.).
  • Improvement - HTML flat table export option now applies color coding to basic permissions column.
  • Improvement - Project folder exclusions now allows for comparison operator (e.g. &equal to&, &begins with&, etc.) selection.
  • Improvement - New tooltip designs for permissions and file report detail views and improvements to existing tooltips.
  • Improvement - Added color theme selector to the upper right corner of the main window.
  • Improvement - Added a global application font size selector to the upper right corner of the main window.
  • Improvement - Main window filter toolbar button has redesigned drop-down content that includes access to quick filters.
  • Improvement - Quick filters have been expanded to cover additional common report filtering scenarios.
  • Improvement - Window placement data is no longer stored in a separate settings file (now uses registry).
  • Improvement - Various improvements and bug fixes for active directory object selector.
  • Improvement - File permissions report now offers more flexible control over which files are included.
  • Improvement - File permissions report can now show the specific differential permissions that trigger report inclusion.
  • Improvement - File permissions report now allows user to decide how file permissions are compared to their parent.
  • Improvement - File permissions report context menu options now offer access to parent properties.
  • Improvement - File permissions report export now matches default user interface column ordering.
  • Improvement - All export formats have been updated to include new file permissions report differential permissions data.
  • Improvement - Project settings window layout changed to make space for more descriptive option categories.
  • Improvement - Folder paths can now be dragged from Windows Explorer and dropped into the project folders list.
  • Improvement - Owner tree list root item count now reflects total of all contained file types.
  • Improvement - Event log viewer now provides full-text search capability.
  • Improvement - Event log viewer now offers the ability to copy error details to the Windows clipboard.
  • Improvement - Added keyboard shortcuts for toolbar commands in main window, log viewer, and scheduler.
  • Improvement - Remote path authentication no longer fails when an existing network connection is present.
  • Improvement - Improved resiliency and error handling for group membership extraction logic.
  • Improvement - Added descriptive text (icon hover) to simple and advanced permission listings.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare crash that could occur from unhandled InvalidOperationException in owner data collection view.
  • Bug fix - Fixed reversal of source and target phrases when reporting folder inheritance changes during comparisons.
  • Bug fix - The "ends with" filter condition wasn't working correctly in an exclusive (not) context.
  • Bug fix - Main window status bar filter state indicator wasn't updated by use of post-scan filtering.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with shell context start-up check prior to applying project impersonation.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with multiple sort column indicator in permissions table view.
  • Bug fix - Minor fixes and compatibility improvements in task scheduler components.
  • Bug fix - Fixed lack of horizontal spacing in share discovery checkbox list.
  • Bug fix - Fixed AD chooser failing to appear by default when creating rule conditions.
  • Bug fix - Some commands with keyboard shortcuts could bypass runtime activity checks.
  • Bug fix - Project paths and folder exclusions no longer allow duplicate entries.
  • Bug fix - Group member expansion exclusions were not being saved/loaded correctly.
  • Bug fix - File owners page of Excel export incorrectly wrote "count" as string.
  • Bug fix - Pro edition trial offer now disappears immediately after installing license key.

Version (Released July 9, 2019)

  • Improvement - Enhanced digital signature applied to all executable components.
  • Improvement - Updated internal zip compression libraries used by email subsystem.
  • Bug fix - Fixed runtime data binding error when applying post-scan filtering.

Version (Released June 3, 2019)

  • Improvement - Minor memory usage improvements.
  • Improvement - Added support for per-monitor DPI awareness on Windows 10 Creators update and later.
  • Improvement - Many product icons have been updated to better support high-resolution displays.
  • Bug fix - Fixed hang that could occur during report finalization phase.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare crash that could occur when importing project folders.
  • Bug fix - Multiple improvements to error handling and logging.

Version (Released February 13, 2019)

  • Improvement - Added official support for Windows Server 2019.
  • Improvement - Permissions report depth column now available for selection during export.
  • Improvement - Special shares can now be ignored when discovering them for project folder addition.
  • Improvement - Project folder path additions now track historical entries and provide auto-complete.
  • Improvement - Added group member comparison option to the permissions report comparison tool.
  • Improvement - Product no longer requires admin account to launch (will use highest available security token).
  • Improvement - Redesigned startup display that appears when no report data is available.
  • Improvement - Excel export summary sheet now includes warning if max row limit is reached.
  • Bug fix - Minor fixes and compatibility improvements in task scheduler components.
  • Bug fix - Resolved rare exception that could occur if Windows taskbar is unavailable.
  • Bug fix - Resolved rare "unable to retrieve the root folder" exception when browsing for folder location.
  • Bug fix - Various minor user interface fixes and improvements.

Version (Released August 24, 2018)

  • Improvement - Template and style data are now stored globally, in common application data.
  • Improvement - Global settings (including license data) are now stored in common application data.
  • Improvement - Outbound email subject and message body are now customizible in global settings.
  • Improvement - Outbound email subject can be overridden by scheduled tasks or command line interface.
  • Improvement - Refined scheduled task list layout and added progress bar (shown when task is running).
  • Improvement - Added filter application tips to the main window startup text area.
  • Improvement - Additional minor improvements and cosmetic fixes.

Version (Released June 30, 2018)

  • Improvement - Improved root path correlation logic during report comparison.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect permissions for local drive roots.

Version (Released June 12, 2018)

  • Improvement - Minor user interface enhancements and fixes.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issues with default directory and drive shell handler after uninstall.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released May 21, 2018)

  • Improvement - Added the ability to disable automatic crash reporting.
  • Improvement - Added AD object picker support to applicable filter rule configuration controls.
  • Improvement - Folder detail subfolder listing now provides both total and immediate subfolder count fields.
  • Improvement - Folder detail subfolder listing now provides both total and immediate non-inheriting subfolder count fields.
  • Improvement - Updated language used to describe project authentication options.
  • Improvement - Updates to the product help file.
  • Bug fix - Deeply nested filter configurations were not correctly triggering appearance of vertical scrollbar.
  • Bug fix - File report reason column could be incorrect in some cases.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect inheritance value in CSV exports.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible "invalid character" error during XML/HTML export.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible "the target is a file, not a directory" errors in some environments.

Version (Released April 19, 2018)

  • Improvement - Improved folder tree node clickable area for context menu (right-click).
  • Improvement - Folder tree context menu now offers additional clipboard data copy options.
  • Improvement - Folder tree context menu can now copy permissions summary listing to clipboard.
  • Improvement - Added ability to expand folder tree nodes by depth (1, 2, or 3) via right-click context menu.
  • Improvement - Added option to authentication tab of project settings that determines impersonation logon type.
  • Bug fix - Compound simple permissions descriptions were not correctly comma delimited.
  • Bug fix - User account disabled status was not being detected correctly in some scenarios.
  • Bug fix - Special permissions could be under-represented in specific combinatorial scenarios.
  • Bug fix - Fixed slow XML report data export performance due to extraneous domain translations.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible incorrect "paths are invalid or inaccessible" message during report comparison.

Version (Released April 15, 2018)

  • Improvement - Data exports now honor applied filters in all cases.
  • Improvement - Multi-host share permissions data retrieval performance is greatly improved.
  • Improvement - Added ability to load project settings when launching from Windows shell context menu.
  • Improvement - Improved performance of well known domain sid enumeration in support of filtering.
  • Improvement - Consolidated storage of specific user settings to avoid extraneous writes.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect enable/disable logic for scheduled task editor export config browse button.
  • Bug fix - Exports using configuration file from scheduler or CLI weren't honoring group member extraction setting.
  • Bug fix - Account lookup caching was not factoring in account locality in all cases.
  • Bug fix - Fixed path to hostname resolver optimization that neglected case sensitivity.
  • Bug fix - Project path history pruning now performed in case-insensitive fashion.
  • Bug fix - Folder tree SID exclusion context menu option is now disabled during analysis.
  • Bug fix - Fixed HTML tree export indentation bug that could occur with filtering applied.

Version (Released April 10, 2018)

  • Improvement - Added taskbar jumplist support for access to recent projects.
  • Improvement - Added "loadonly" command line switch for loading project without immediate execution.
  • Improvement - Improved visibility of free pro edition trial option.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with project filtering not being applied correctly in some cases.
  • Bug fix - Resolved problem with project filter criteria selection.

Version (Released March 27, 2018)

  • Bug fix - Fixed "value cannot be null" regression in

Version (Released March 26, 2018)

  • Improvement - Added support for new consultant license types.
  • Improvement - Improved progress display when importing permissions data from previously exported XML.
  • Improvement - Group member data exports are no longer restricted by filtering.
  • Improvement - No longer using WMI to build share permissions report by default (option added).
  • Improvement - Improvements to logging and error reporting.
  • Bug fix - File permissions report configuration could incorrectly limit file ownership report data.
  • Bug fix - Project state was considered dirty if edited and saved without making any changes.
  • Bug fix - Minor bug fixes, library updates, and performance improvements.

Version (Released March 13, 2018)

  • Improvement - User interface changes to increase feature clarity and naming consistency.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to filter by folder owner.
  • Bug fix - Some user interface elements not updated correctly after project load.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare crash that could occur when copying program license key to the Windows clipboard.
  • Bug fix - Free license version users weren't notified correctly of certain feature restrictions.
  • Bug fix - Additional minor corrections and UI enhancements.

Version (Released February 15, 2018)

  • Improvement - Improved error reporting during command line interactions.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare file removal exception that could occur following export cancellation.
  • Bug fix - Improved handling of scenarios where command line interface is used with incorrect license type.
  • Bug fix - User is no longer prompted to save project changes when launching from shell context menu.
  • Bug fix - Fix for rare "System.IndexOutOfRangeException" that could occur when using scan filtering.
  • Bug fix - Fix for rare "System.ArgumentException" error.
  • Bug fix - Fix for potential crash when using the active directory object picker.

Version (Released February 8, 2018)

  • Improvement - Improved file size string formatting and consistency with Windows.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to exclude specific groups from group member expansion.
  • Improvement - Minor user interface improvements and corrections.
  • Bug fix - Exclusionary paths failed to match if they included a trailing backslash.
  • Bug fix - Filter rules that match parent nodes weren't working correctly in specific cases.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with folder tree node sorting ignoring current culture.
  • Change - Support for Windows XP and Server 2003 has been discontinued.

Version (Released January 10, 2018)

  • Improvement - Circular group relationships are now handled explicitly and logged as warnings.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare potential for stack overflow during group membership expansion.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible "cannot insert duplicate items" error.

Version (Released December 21, 2017)

  • Improvement - Added new "folder permissions list includes" filter match criteria.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to export folder report data as a single-page HTML collapsible tree.
  • Improvement - Added "folders" command line parameter, used to override project folders.
  • Improvement - Excel exports now include a summary page with application version, date and time, etc.
  • Improvement - Excel export group member page now includes display name and parent group columns.
  • Improvement - Excel exports now include page headers (date, time, worksheet name) and footers (page number) when printing.
  • Improvement - HTML export now includes group member table with links from the folder report.
  • Improvement - Minor compatibility and stability improvements in Excel export subsystem.
  • Improvement - HTML export header now only includes active (checked) project paths.
  • Improvement - HTML export header now indicates whether or not filtering is applied.
  • Improvement - Export dialog options are now retained automatically between uses.
  • Improvement - Share reporting can now target a specific set of hosts or domains.
  • Improvement - Inheritance icons are now shown for individual permissions in the folder view.
  • Improvement - A collapsible icon key has been added to the permissions folder view.
  • Improvement - Share reporting has improved robustness and error logging.
  • Improvement - Improved error handling for various edge cases where file system abnormalities are present.
  • Improvement - Improved discovery of domain hosts when adding project folders or enumerating shares.
  • Improvement - XML data exports now include event log entries (and XML imports can optionally restore them).
  • Improvement - HTML and Excel exports now have the option of including event log entries.
  • Improvement - Other various user interface updates and improvements.
  • Bug fix - Main window status bar filter indicator was incorrect for certain configurations.
  • Bug fix - Multiple program instances simultaneously exporting reports to Excel could result in export file corruption.
  • Bug fix - Resolved rare "Unable to load DLL penimc.dll" error that prevented app startup.
  • Bug fix - Availability of menu commands are synced with toolbar button state.
  • Bug fix - Minor bug fixes in task scheduler integration component.

Version (Released November 15, 2017)

  • Improvement - Project filter can now be enabled or disabled without modifying the filter configuration.
  • Improvement - Report comparison tool now reports changes in group member permissions.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to filter by account enabled/disabled in nested group.
  • Improvement - Added ability to enable low priority I/O (see global settings).
  • Improvement - Upgrade notification area text has been clarified and the action link improved.
  • Bug fix - Using left arrow on an unexpanded tree view node would trigger a crash.
  • Bug fix - Exclusion editor view height has been adjusted to fix slight content clipping.
  • Bug fix - Some group expansion scenarios were not correctly inferred by filter configuration.

Version (Released September 21, 2017)

  • Improvement - String filter types now support multiple values separated by pipe symbols.
  • Bug fix - Fixed inconsistent account display name resolution in certain cases.
  • Bug fix - Fixed regression that prevented the parents of nested groups from being displayed correctly.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible "cannot insert duplicate items" error.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible "index was outside the bounds of the array" error.
  • Bug fix - Fixed incorrect display of permissions scope in rare cases.

Version (Released September 5, 2017)

  • Improvement - Improved handling of recursive directory structures when traversing reparse points.
  • Improvement - Use of scan-time (project) filtering is now considerably faster and more resource efficient.
  • Improvement - Double-clicking an entry in the subfolder or permissions lists now brings the assocaited tree node into view.
  • Improvement - Cancellation is now shown as being "in progress" as required.
  • Improvement - Significant general performance and resource efficiency improvements.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to filter by display name or display name in nested group.
  • Bug fix - Filtering on advanced permissions containment wasn't working as intended.
  • Bug fix - User accounts extracted from groups were not being shown as disabled when applicable.
  • Bug fix - Scan may not complete if the "skip reparse points" option was turned off.
  • Bug fix - Fixed broken hyperlink in main window welcome text.

Version (Released August 25, 2017)

  • Improvement - Added more aggressive threading option (see global settings) for improved performance in many scenarios.
  • Improvement - Error log feature has been renamed to "Event Log" to better reflect its purpose and function.
  • Improvement - Group membership extraction feature has improved performance and accuracy.
  • Improvement - Execution cancellation now occurs more quickly in cases wehre group membership extraction is enagaged.
  • Improvement - Log view now offers a resizable splitter bar between the event list and detail view.
  • Improvement - Export configuration window is now accessible even when export data is not present.
  • Improvement - Task scheduler now displays current task state (e.g. ready, running, etc.).
  • Improvement - Task scheduler now allows running tasks to be stopped, and prevents running tasks from being edited.
  • Improvement - Task scheduler no longer shows tasks that have been disabled via the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Improvement - Improved handling of memory exhaustion conditions.
  • Improvement - Numerous product performance enhancements.
  • Improvement - Product splash screen has been removed.
  • Bug fix - No longer attempting domain lookups for local system identities, which resulted in confusing error messages.
  • Bug fix - Resolved invalid character warning during save when using specific project filter criteria.
  • Bug fix - Fixed possible program hang when sheduled (or command line initiated) application intance runs out of memory.
  • Bug fix - Owners report tree list view was not correctly sorting subitems by aggregate file size.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released June 22, 2017)

  • Improvement - Added a maximum file node count project setting, which now defaults to 999,999 (-1 = unlimited).
  • Improvement - Added the "Display Name" column (hidden by default) to the flat folder report listing.
  • Improvement - Added "Display Name" to the list of supported folder report export columns.
  • Bug fix - Nested group members were incorrectly showing account names instead of display names in permissions nodes.

Version (Released March 9, 2017)

  • Improvement - Reduced memory usage during Excel file format data export operations.
  • Bug fix - Command line and scheduler were not producing consistent results in some scenarios.
  • Bug fix - Passing the "silent" command line parameter (which is no longer required) would invalidate subsequent arguments.
  • Bug fix - Exports initiated via the command line or scheduler did not honor export column visibility settings.
  • Bug fix - Global options SMTP port was not initialized with the correct default value (port 25).
  • Bug fix - The "Monday" day of week selector in the scheduled task editor was not representing state correctly.

Version (Released November 3, 2016)

  • Improvement - Added the ability to save (and reload) export configuration.
  • Improvement - Added support for specifying export configuration from command line or scheduler interfaces.
  • Improvement - Added ability to apply (site-wide or better) license code via the installer (command line parameter).
  • Improvement - Improved memory usage in instances where group member extraction is not enabled.
  • Improvement - Additional memory and performance optimizations.
  • Improvement - Various product documentation updates.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare "maximum number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph" error.
  • Bug fix - Fixed error that could occur when attemtping to extract account identity information from NAS/SAN devices.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released September 28, 2016)

  • Improvement - Added official support for Windows Server 2016.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with trial license activation causing crash in rare circumstances.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare "col must in range" error that could occur during Excel export.

Version (Released September 7, 2016)

  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with Excel data export group membership links.
  • Bug fix - Corrected scan filter problem with permissions matching that of parent.
  • Bug fix - Folder permissions inheritance was incorrect in some circumstances.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released September 2, 2016)

  • Improvement - Added advanced new permissions filtering capabilities that can be applied during or after a scan.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to compare permissions reports in order to see what's changed.
  • Improvement - Added the ability to extract members from groups, allowing them to be shown in the folder tree.
  • Improvement - XML export and import functions have been updated to include group member data (when enabled).
  • Improvement - Excel export now includes an optional sheet that contains group membership (linked to from within the folder report).
  • Improvement - Excel export basic permissions column is now colorized.
  • Improvement - Excel export now splits the header row so that it stays on-screen during scrolling.
  • Improvement - File report now participates in filtering operations (honors filter visibility associated with parent folder).
  • Improvement - Memory management has been improved and overall working set footprint has been reduced.
  • Improvement - Export file compression (used by command line and scheduler interfaces) is now much faster on multi-core systems.
  • Improvement - Improved event logging throughout all application areas.
  • Improvement - Improved handling of "out of memory" error conditions.
  • Improvement - It's now possible to filter the error log viewer by severity.
  • Improvement - Permissions report data export and import operations can now be canceled.
  • Improvement - XML permissions exports now include a report creation date/time stamp.
  • Improvement - Data import tool now allows user to specify whether file, share, and owner report data is imported.
  • Improvement - When creating a new project, current project is now checked for changes and offers opportunity to save them.
  • Improvement - Users are now notified about major version license conflicts at app startup.
  • Improvement - Various user interface enhancements and corrections.
  • Improvement - Added an "Analyze with Permissions Reporter" shortcut for folders (and drives) within the Windows shell.
  • Improvement - Scheduled tasks are now always assumed to be running silently and will always trigger exit upon completion.
  • Improvement - Improved validation in the scheduled task editor.
  • Bug fix - Data export was ignoring user column selections (all columns were included in output).
  • Bug fix - Main window folder report tab count now accurate when filtering is applied.
  • Bug fix - Excluded reparse point folders no longer trigger the creation of folder nodes with an error state.
  • Bug fix - Fixed potential for incorrect project folder count in main window status bar.
  • Bug fix - Fixed cosmetic UI glitch in folder tree that prevented selection indicator from changing.
  • Bug fix - Fixed rare collection exception relating to the addition of file nodes during the analysis.
  • Bug fix - Fixed bug that could cause UI lockup (and high RAM usage) when browsing very large folder hierarchies.
  • Bug fix - The scheduler (and command line interface) will no longer email an empty zip file if all data export attempts fail.
  • Bug fix - Fixed Excel export max row check so that no additional data is output once the limit is reached.
  • Bug fix - Canceling the project save file dialog would incorrectly yield a successful save notification.
  • Bug fix - Recurring (daily, weekly, monthly) scheduled tasks used incorrect start date/time.

Version (Released March 10, 2016)

  • Improvement - Product installer is now dual-signed with SHA1/SHA2.
  • Bug fix - SID to name conversion could fail in some circumstances.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released December 18, 2015)

  • Bug fix - Fixed extraneous "network authentication is not supported in the free edition" error in free product edition.
  • Bug fix - Resolved rare "collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" error.

Version (Released August 5, 2015)

  • Improvement - Windows 10 is now officially supported.
  • Improvement - Minor user interface updates and enhancements.
  • Improvement - Minor updates to the built-in crash reporting subsystem.
  • Bug fix - Resolved rare crash that could occur when comparing/adding duplicate folder node items.
  • Bug fix - Now handling potential unhandled exception when importing computer names for share discovery.
  • Bug fix - Corrected basic permission string cache lookup key bug.
  • Bug fix - Corrected basic permission string translation logic bug.
  • Bug fix - Resolved bug in the project folder deduplication logic.

Version (Released June 1, 2015)

  • Bug fix - Share report was showing permissions for non-disk objects in some scenarios.

Version (Released May 29, 2015)

  • Improvement - File owners report now offers user-selectable report detail and treemap views.
  • Improvement - Significant scan time performance improvements in various scenarios.
  • Improvement - Added HTTP proxy server traversal configuration option to global settings window.
  • Improvement - You can now select an item in the log window to show details about it.
  • Improvement - Added option to limit file system analysis to a single thread.
  • Bug fix - Resolved possible owner report crash related to thread race condition.
  • Bug fix - No longer caching security principal data when SID lookups fail.
  • Bug fix - Main window state was not being correctly saved and restored.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released May 21, 2015)

  • Bug fix - Resolved incorrect column name in folder report view.
  • Bug fix - Resolved issue with permissions data import.
  • Bug fix - Other minor bug fixes.

Version (Released May 14, 2015)

  • Improvement - First public version is released.


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