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Folder Permissions Report (screenshot)
Provides a browsable, hierarchical view of permissions across all folders.
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Table Permissions View (screenshot)
A "flat" folder permissions report view with advanced sorting, grouping, & filtering.
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File Permissions Report (screenshot)
Shows files not inheriting or with permissions differing from their parent folders.
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File Owner Report (screenshot)
Offers a hierarchical overview of disk space consumed by file type and owner.
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Share Permissions Report (screenshot)
Quickly see who has access to shares, along with their rights and access levels.
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Error Logging (screenshot)
Every error and warning encountered during file system analysis is recorded.
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Excluded Folders (screenshot)
Folders can be excluded from permissions reporting either by path or by name.
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HTML Data Export (screenshot)
Export permissions report data to HTML for later viewing in a browser.
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Group Member Expansion
Show group membership (direct and optionally nested) directly in folder reports.
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XML, Excel & CSV Data Export (screenshot)
Export permissions report data to XML, MS Excel, or CSV file formats.
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Advanced Filtering (screenshot)
A range of filters make it easier to narrow down the permissions analysis results.
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Report Comparison (screenshot)
Report on the differences between two permissions reports.
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Built-In Scheduler (screenshot)
Schedule the creation of folder, file, owner, and share permissions reports.
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Command Line Support
Easily generate, export, and email permissions reports from the command line.
Supported Not Not Supported
Re-Import Existing Report Data (screenshot)
Report data previously exported in XML file format can be re-imported at a later date.
Supported Not Supported
Email Integration (screenshot)
Email support allows you to easily send zipped report data to one or more recipients.
Supported Not Supported
Authentication Support (screenshot)
Authenticate to access Windows systems or external storage devices.
Supported Not Supported
Priority Tech Support
Priority access to our world-class technical support services.
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